Sysac Yacht Racing / Cruising

Everyone is Welcome

Racing your sailing boat is a great way to spend time on the water. We have a race planned for most weekends during the spring summer and autumn and everyone is welcome to join us. Most races take place in Swansea Bay, we race around the navigation marks and around a few laid marks. The races usually last for about an hour and a half to 2 hours. We also organise weekends away when we race to Padstow, Cardiff, Lundy and other places in the Bristol Chanel.
You don’t need a racing yacht to join in, but a few crew are useful. We score our races using 2 scoring systems; the IRC system for the more serious racers, and the NHC system which includes all cruisers. The IRC system is a rating system for the type of boat. The NHC is a handicap system based on your results.

How to join in
If you are very new to sailing and would like to crew on one of the boats racing regularly, you will be very welcome. Alternatively if you are just new to the idea of racing and would like an experienced crew member to come out with you for a couple of times, this can be arranged. Please get in touch with Hilary Davies email: or speak to any of the people who race.
We generally go out on the locks an hour before the race start time. To notify the race officer that you would like to join in the race call Foxtrot on channel 37. (This may be P1 or M1 on your VHF radio).
We have great fun and take great care of our boats.

For all the latest information about racing events please see our yachting section page.