YARD STORAGE - November to April


Due to limited yard space the 12 week periods before and after Christmas are restricted to 12 weeks maximum storage.

1st October to 31st December
1st January to 30th April

Please list your details on the notice board in the clubhouse.


Port Waste Management Regulations were updated in 2003. Please follow good practice and dispose of your waste in the proper containers.

OIL and oily Bilge Water / Oil Filters

  • Please use the waste oil container next to the yard gate as stipulated on the sign alongside the tank. 
  • Do not leave containers full of oil at the side. If you need help ask the Bosun.

Garbage from Boats

  • Please dispose of Food waste, plastics and bottles in the wheelie bin containers next to the club slipway and marked Garbage.

Disused Batteries

  • Batteries can be disposed of in the container next to the Yard Gate.

Anti foul tins and Rollers/ Brushes

  • Anti foul tins and rollers / brushes can be disposed of in the drums next to the yard gate.